Visit by Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri 26-02-21

The minister explained that the investment that includes the construction site and new state-of-the-range machinery is a mirror for the future in such a manner that that company does not only see the expansion aspect, because the current building has r READ MORE

Print your direct mail at Gutenberg Press

Direct mail has the power to stop people in their tracks, grab their attention and compel them to take action.



Die-cutting is a printing process for cutting shapes in a material.


Changes in one of production lines

With immediate effect, a production line has been dedicated to the production of face shields. Our team is dynamic and flexible to work with new materials and have responded efficiently to this change during these delicate times for all.



Best wishes for the future!


Crash lock boxes

The clever design of crash lock boxes ensures that even though they are pre-glued, they can be supplied flat for the end-user to assemble in one swift, easy action.



Gutenberg Press offers you the opportunity to create your branded custom-made boxes rather than an off the shelf solution.


Takeaway Boxes

Order your takeaway boxes at Gutenberg Today!


Supporting local business

Why wait for your imported cartons when these can be done locally at Gutenberg Press. Brand your product with bespoke printed folding cartons. Our commitment remains that of supporting local businesses.


Blogpost #11

How Important are the various packaging features?



Protect your books.


Die-Cutting within Packaging

At Gutenberg Press, we have modern state-of-the-art machinery complemented with skilled workforce enabling the efficient production of quality bespoke packaging.


Trigate Brochure

Gutenberg Press: Natural Choice in Printing


Blogpost #10

Reading at least a little each day can improve your focus and your memory function.


Computer-to-plate technique

At Gutenberg Press, we are committed in providing quality throughout the complete printing process, from prepress and printing to post-press finishing.


COVID-19 Update

Official company statement by Gutenberg Press- 10/3/2020


Flush-Cut Service

Hardback flush-cutting is where the cover of a book is cut to the same size as the sections or pages within the book.

World Book Day

What a feeling to celebrate World Book Day 2020 surrounded by books.

LBF Cancellation

Should you be interested in setting up a one-to-one meeting with us, please do get in touch!

Blogpost #9

Of environmentally-friendly packaging

London Book Fair 2020

Set up a meeting with us during this upcoming book fair.

Multi-purpose packaging

Ideal for gift packaging of diverse products across all markets.

Window Patching

Window patching is a technique that incorporates a thin film on a box and any other types of product packaging, serving multiple purposes.

Blogpost #8

Of Graphic Novels and its benefits

Cocktail Party at LBF2020

You are invited to join us on our stand 6G50 at London Book Fair 2020

Paper's role in digital era

Blogpost #7

Of Recycling Waste

Quote of the Day

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.”

Bespoke Packaging

Dessert packaging comes in all shapes and sizes.

Love is in the Air!

Love for books on this special day.

LBF 2020

Preparations Ongoing

Blogpost #6

Of Novels and Stress

Take-Away Boxes

Brands and food companies are looking for new ways to attract customers and presentation of take-away boxes are now becoming more popular.

Closed on Monday 10th February

We'll be back the following day, 11th February.

Blogpost #5

Of brands, consumers and packaging habits

Tell a story

Companies have to go that extra mile

National Book Prize 2019

We remain at the forefront of supporting authors and publishers in maintaining this excellent standard in the local book industry.

Speed to Market

All departments working hand-in-hand for shortest of lead times

Sales Meeting 2020

The Way Forward and beyond

Cover Flaps

One benefit of cover flaps is that it can be used for additional information.

Blogpost #4

Of searching for knowledge


“I have a passion for teaching kids to become readers, to become comfortable with a book, not daunted. Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage.”

Die-cutting on sweet boxes

Redefining the meaning of sweet tooth.

Offset Printing and Image Quality

Offset printing provides consistently high image quality

Blog Post #3

67% of UK consumers think that being environmentally friendly is more or very important them

Quote of the Day

“Once you have read a book you care about, some part of it is always with you.” – Louis L’Amour

Hot Foil-Stamping

Hot Foil-Stamping Solutions

Sustainable Industry

Paper and Cartonboard are the most sustainable of manufacturing industries

Blog Post #2

Of Gyms, Reading and Brain Training

Sleeves Packaging

Bespoke sleeves for your product

Love is in the air!

Valentine's Requirements Sorted

Unique Customer Service

One place to look at!

Quote of the Day

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.” – Fran Lebowitz 

Blog Post #1

Of Bushfires, Climate Change and Sustainability

Paperbacks and Hardbacks

Quality covers that do justice to two iconic figures in music and sport

2020- New mindsets towards packaging

2020- Prioritising and promoting benefits of Carton Board

Books, Passion and Christmas

Our Passion and Love in one Picture

Republic Day- Closed for business

Back to our office, next Monday16th December


At Gutenberg Press, we offer complete post-press finishes including binding

Dessert Season

Every season is dessert season. Especially these months.

Academic Compilations

Compile your academic journals into quality books.

Gutenberg Solutions

Gutenberg Solutions: Service Provider to the Medical Cannabis Industry

Master your packaging experience

Don't let your product become another package on the shelf

Literary Speed Dating at Malta Book Festival 2019

Being the leading book printer in Malta, Gutenberg Press Ltd will be giving advice to interested parties on how best to produce a book.

Malta Book Festival 2019

From the 6-10 November, the Mediterranean Conference Centre will host another event by the National Book Council, the Malta Book Festival 2019

Medcann World Forum

19-21 November 2019- Gutenberg Solutions at Medcann World Forum

Religious Legacy

Portraying Religious Legacy

Annual Reports

From annual reports to business case study compilations, Gutenberg Press is able to manufacture books for all business requirements.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

Gutenberg Press present at Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

Changes in consumer attitudes

The environment has never been so high on the agenda, as consumers are willing to act to protect it.

Bill Gates and reading books

“This is one of the things I love about reading. Each book opens up new avenues of knowledge to explore” – Bill Gates

Gutenberg Press at ECMA Congress

Gutenberg Press present at the ECMA Congress 2019, meeting with several stakeholders of the industry.

Dust Jackets

Aesthetic reminder that a book is very much a physical object.

"I do have time to read"

"I don't have time to read". A statement usually coming from non-readers who are judging you for spending so much time with your head in a book.

Festive season preparations

It’s always the right time for some Christmas pudding. 

Fact File #1

Getting facts right; European forests have been growing by over 1,500 football pitches every day.

Top Drawer Fair / Packaging Innovations Fair

Another week, yet another productive one

Your valuable branding vehicles

If you’re looking for packaging that goes beyond the ordinary, contact Gutenberg Press and discover how we can put our innovation to work for you.


Zero Waste Week

We are pro Carton!

Hardback Books

Like the Ggantija Temples, hardback books are made to last.

Speciality and Fine Food Fair / Autumn Fair 2019

For the next few days, Mr Franco Portelli, our Head of Business Development will be attending the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in London on its 20th Anniversary and the Spring & Autumn Fair in NEC Birmingham.

Quarter-binding Services

Do you know that Gutenberg Press offers quarter-binding services?

ECMA Annual Congress 2019 will be hosted in one month

One month away from ECMA's Annual Congress 2019.

Gutenberg at ECMA

Mr. Franco Portelli the Head Of Business Development at Gutenberg Press Ltd, will be one of the speakers at the 2019 (ECMA) European Cartons Makers Association Congress.

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books represent our personal style, tastes and aspirations more than anything else.

Public Holiday - 15th August

Back to work on Friday 16th August


The debossing process provides an imprinted 3D effect that is embedded in the material, creating an aesthetic of prestige resultant of the added texture and dimension that the technique contributes to the design.


Otabind process fulfils both requirements of durability and flexibility that makes your book comfortable to lay flat and aesthetically pleasing.

ECMA Annual Congress 2019

‘Driving Change- Cartons Make The Difference’

Physical books and psychological ownership

Young people may still prefer curling up with an actual paper book instead of an e-book.

Packaging and Heritage

‘A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people’- Mahatma Gandhi

Comic books improve confidence in struggling readers

Do you know that comic books give struggling readers confidence? 

Carton's Modern Design

Carton packaging is used daily and remains relevant to modern living hence, it must remain versatile and ready to respond to changing demands.

Reading- Reduce Stress

Facing countless issues in your daily life? Reading a novel might be one of the best and most convenient ways to let troubles slip away.

Offset Printing Technique

Offset printing uses a series of rotating cylinders to apply the ink to paper. Each ink colour on the Offset press has its own set of cylinders. For full-colour projects, the inks are applied in successive layers to create the final image.

Come and meet us at the London Book Fair 2019

Come and meet us and see a wide range of books we produced on our stand at the London Book Fair. We will be there from 12th – 14th March 2019 and you can find us on stand number 6G50. 

Gutenberg Press at The Packaging & Innovations Fair 2019

Gutenberg Press will be visiting The Packaging & Innovations fair to learn more about the industry and meet our great clients.

We are confident that the future of our folding carton business is great!!!!

Come along and meet

Vacancy - Full Time Driver

An opportunity has arisen in our stores department for:

A Full time Driver

We are looking for a reliable, smart person, in possession of Driving Licence C or C1 who is able to communicate in Maltese and/or English

If you are intereste

Come and meet us at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

Come and meet us at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018 between the 10 – 12 October 2018

Business Development Manager

Gutenberg Press Ltd is a successful, innovative and high-quality printing company. Founded in 1982, the Company has grown into Malta’s leading printing firm with high profile clients both locally and abroad

Come and meet us at the Bologna Book Fair 2018

Gutenberg Press at The Packaging & Innovations Fair 2018

Gutenberg Press will be visiting The Packaging & Innovations fair to learn more about the industry and meet our great clients.

We are confident that the future of our folding carton business is great!!!!


Come along and meet

Join our team at Gutenberg Press Ltd - Client Relations Executive

Join our team Gutenberg Press Ltd is a successful, innovative and high-quality printing company. Founded in 1982, the Company has grown into Malta’s leading printing firm with high profile clients both locally and abroad.

Your career growth Is our investment!

Gutenberg Press Limited is an established book and commercial printer. For 35 years we have been producing quality print work for our domestic and international clientele. We currently export 70% of the books and literature. At Gutenberg we believe in&

Investment Made by Gutenberg Press in 2017

In 2017 a big  investment was made by Gutenberg Press  in its post press department 

Come and meet us at the London Book Fair 2017

Come and meet us and see a wide range of books we produced on our stand at the London Book Fair. We will be there from 14th – 16th March 2017 and you can find us on stand number 6E41. 

BRC - Certification

Gutenberg Press Ltd Is Now BRC Cerified 

London Book Fair 2016

Thank you to all who came to meet us at the London Book Fair. As always it was our pleasure to meet you and we look forward to a more business in the future.

Rising Star Award – Williams Lea At the annual suppliers’ conference

At the annual suppliers conference held in London on the 13th May 2014 and which was attended by over 1,000 suppliers Gutenberg Press was awarded one of five awards. Gutenberg Press was proudly awarded The "Rising Star Award 2014" by a Willia

Gutenberg Press Ltd takes over the Operations of Packprint Ltd.

As part of our expansion plan and as part of long term sustainability with pleased to announce that as of 1st June 2014, Gutenberg Press Ltd has taken over the operations function of Packprint Ltd a packaging company.

Your Tools

Malta: +27 31 767 5580


Malta: +27 31 767 5580


Prepress Printing Postpress Packaging

From concept to shipping, we take care of it all!

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